Organic Cotton Brew Bags

Make the best cup of coffee!

A good cup of coffee should be easy to make and not have the bitter taste of a drip brewer. Cold brewing offers the best of the bean and none of the acid flavor.

And coffee machines are full of bacterial!

Cold brewing with our cotton brew bag offers these great benefits
– Brew anywhere with no coffee maker or equipment.
– Get the best of the bean, none of the harshness.
– Brewing without heat eliminates oils and fatty acids which spoil.
– Muslin strains finer than a nylon bag for a grit free brew.
– Cotton is heat resistant and holds up to boiling too.
– Easy to clean in sink or dishwasher. Even machine wash.
– Comes in eco-friendly, plastic free packaging.

It’s not just great for cold brewing. Many uses include
– Kombucha
– Pitchers of Tea
– Malaysian Sock Style Coffee
– Barley Water
– Small Batch Straining
– Potpourri Sachet
– & more!

But why ditch the drawstring?
– They’re hard to tie or unknot when wet.
– They slip inside the hem, fray or get lost.
– Grounds get stuck in the hem.

Ours is O-So Better.

All because of the attached elastic loop, a patent pending design by our Foodie Mom founder.
– The attached loop makes our bag easy to open and close, even when wet or hot.
– It’s so handy and won’t get lost.
– It’s super simple to adjust.
– And our no seam bottom is durable at the highest stress point.

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From our Organic Family to yours. Happy Healthy Living!

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