Cold Brew Coffee Kit

Make, Store and Pour!

– 32 oz Mason Jar
– BPA Free Mason Jar Lid with Pour Spout
– Organic Cotton Muslin Filter Bag with Patented Loop Design
– Wooden Tablespoon Scoop with Bag Clip
– eBook with Instructions and Tips

Simply put the filter in the jar & secure it with the green elastic loop. Put medium-coarse ground coffee into the filter & add water. Allow to steep for 8-12 hours. If steeping longer, keep in the fridge to avoid a bitter aftertaste. Remove the filter and compost the grounds. Enjoy a delicious cup of cold brew coffee!

For a deep concentrated brew, try more grounds and a medium grind. Grounds to water ratio is usually 2 tbls to one cup of coffee.

Jar is from a company whose founder worked for Ball for many years. Now he has his own mason jar which is slightly thicker and stronger then the Ball Jar and has an even lower lead count than Ball. (Which is already very low for glass in general.)

The filter is made from a very fine organic cotton muslin from India and is reusable, machine washable and heat resistant, so it can be boiled.
Other coffee makers are impossible to get fully clean. This kit will not be a harbinger to bacteria as in traditional brew systems.

Lid fits on any regular mouth Mason Jar so you can always use this kit on different sizes of jars. Makes storing and pouring easy.

Also make:
Hot tea or sun tea with loose leaf teas.
Hot pour-over coffee for instant brewing.

Cold brewing coffee helps to prevent acid levels in coffee that create a bitter coffee. Also good for preventing acid reflux and brings out the natural flavors of the bean. The reusable organic cotton filter is fine enough to remove any grit for a smooth cup of joe. Cold Brew Coffee is great in the Summer to make tasty, non-bitter Iced Coffee to sip on over the hot Summer afternoons.

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