Fermenting Expansion Kit

Ferment, Preserve and Enjoy Real Foods the Easy Way!

Get on the fast track to these fermented food benefits:
Add probiotics – Fermented food and drinks contain beneficial bacteria.
Improve digestion – Better gut balance increases the absorption of nutrients.
Save money – Skip store bought and DIY for less.
Preserve your food – Buy in bulk and in season and store for weeks or months.

Everything you need to get started, just add your own wide mouth mason jars:
– Two 3 piece airlocks to allow gases to escape, keeps mold making oxygen out.
– Two rubber stoppers receive airlocks and makes secure seal with lids.
– Multipurpose pour lids do dual duty during fermentation and storage. Organic Family Products was founded by a foodie Mom of two toddlers with a chicken coop and urban garden in her backyard. They are passionate about natural living and sourcing seasonal and local but appreciate the challenges of your busy household. Earth-Kind Kits are thoughtfully designed to help you put healthy and delicious options on your family’s table. The Fermenting Expansion Kit makes it easy to introduce the incredible benefits and exciting tastes of lacto-fermentation to your home today.
– Quick start instructions.
– Ecofriendly packaging. Great gift!
Free Bonus: Reusable wet erase, no glue jar labels.

Add to Cart Now while stocks last. 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

Happy Healthy Living!

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