Organic Family Products Scores #1 New Release Status For Fermenting Kit

Consumers Rush to Join Lacto-Fermentation Craze


Fermenting Starter Kit Earns No. 1 New Release Badge On Amazon.comAustin, Texas – Organic Family Products, a small organic lifestyle products company out of Austin, Texas, earned the #1 New Release badge within days of making available the first product in their Earth-Kind Kits line. The Fermenting Starter Kit started selling right away, shooting to the top of the Amazon charts within two days of inventory arrival, promising a complete set of tools to help people join the lacto-fermented foods movement.

“‘Lacto refers to the bacteria naturally occurring in produce which converts sugars in the fruits or vegetables into lactic acid which inhibits the growth of bad bacteria. That conversion takes place in an environment without oxygen, called anaerobic, and with the help of a salt and water brine you add to your ferment. So those are the two buzz words in the fermentation world: lacto- and anaerobic,” explained company founder and products designer, Sheila Springer.

That environment is created by the combination of a special designed lid which screws onto a mason jar with a pop up cap which opens a pour spout, an exactly sized rubber stopper which fills the pour hole and a three piece airlock which goes inside the bored hole in the stopper.

Bubbles created during the lacto to lactic acid conversion process creates CO2 which pushes the oxygen out of the remaining space between the fermenting vegetables and cap which is allowed to escape through the airlock. As Sheila puts it, “The magic is in the airlock. You add a little water to it and it makes a one way street. Without oxygen in there, you don’t get mold even on veggies which sneak out of the brine because mold can’t grow without oxygen. That’s the big complaint about fermenting with cloth over a crock, the slime!”

The Earth-Kind Fermenting Starter Kit also comes with a pint sized wide mouth mason jar to hold the fermenting ingredients, the most popular being cucumbers for pickles and cabbage to make sauerkraut. Sheila retorted, “That’s a good place to start but you don’t have to stop there. Just about any organic local produce can be combined with whole spices to take advantage of this oldest form of preserving and add real live probiotics to your family’s diet.”

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