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Our latest product release to support your organic living lifestyle has arrived!


The Fermenting Starter Kit


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Get on the fast track to these fermented food benefits: Earth-Kind Kits Fermenting Starter Kit
Add probiotics - Fermented food and drinks contain beneficial bacteria which many consider can reverse disease and improve immunity.
Improve digestion - Better gut balance increases the absorption of nutrients in the foods you eat every day.
Save money - Skip store bought and do-it-yourself for less. Save on supplements by increasing natural vitamin intake. 
Preserve your food - Buy in bulk and in season and store for weeks or months without loss of nutritional values.

Just getting started?

Get everything you need with our Fermenting Starter Kit.

1 - 3 piece airlock to promote mold free fermenting
1 - stopper to keep air out of your ferment
1 - multipurpose wide mouth cap for fermentation and storage
1- 16 oz wide mouth mason jar
2 - repositionable, no glue jar labels

Plus, we include easy to follow instructions for your first batch.

Even if you are not new to lacto-fermenation, you'll appreciate the design of this set up and it will make a great addition to your healthy-living tool kit!

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