O-So Better Bags

Is it possible to improve on the everyday drawstring bag? We thought so! Although it looks simple, our innovation takes it to the next level. That’s why we call them O-So Better Bags™!

Trying to get to the knot of a wet drawstring, especially on a full nut milk bag, is incredibly frustrating.

And what about when the string slips back inside the hem? Forget about it! Who has the patience or time to retrieve it?

Then there is the missing all together string. I’m sure that has never happened to you, but it sure has happened to me.

Elastic opening bags or plain cheesecloth leave you looking for something to tie or close it. A chip clip. A shoe string or rubber band. Where do we keep those again?

Out of that trial and error came the O-So Better Bag. The difference you can see is in the easy to use, attached elastic loop. Practically fumble free, even when wet. It won’t get lost. You decide how tightly to close your bag, just wrap once or twice or three times.

Invented by a foodie mom, our O-So Better patent pending bag design combined with the best sourced organic materials is at the core of Organic Family Products.

Look how easy it is:

O-So Better Bags attached elastic loop

Just gather the bag top. Grasp the attached loop and pull over the top of the bag. Twist and wrap around bag top again to desired seal of opening, just like a hair band.

When using as a food strainer, contents won’t spill out. Our wash bag won’t let even a baby sock escape. When buying bulk foods with our produce bag, grains will stay inside.

Opening is just as easy and even when the bag is wet, getting a hold of the elastic is simple.

No strings to tangle or lose. No zipper to catch or break. That is our O So Better Bag!

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