Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag

The O-So Better Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag

How a Foodie, Natural Living Mom Solved the Dilemma of the Drawstring!

By popular demand we have these great features:

– Made of organic cotton, better for your food & the environment. – Durable no seam bottom so the hem won’t burst. – Beautifully packaged in an easy open card stock envelope made from recycled paper & it’s also recyclable. – Easy to care for. Wash in the sink and air dry or machine wash.

Even more benefits over cheaper alternatives:

– Muslin strains much finer than a nylon bag for smoother nut milks and ground free cold brew.

– Cotton is heat resistant & holds up to long boils.

– We offer a truly eco-friendly product which is chemical free and even uses plastic free packaging.

It’s not just great for making your own vegan milks, it’s also a durable, premium quality

– Food Strainer

– Cold Brew Coffee Maker

– Sprouting Bag

– Beer Grain Bag

– Kombucha Tea Brewing Bag – & more!

But why ditch the drawstring?

– They’re hard to tie or unknot when wet.

– They slip inside the hem, fray or get lost.

Ours is O-So Better.

All because of the attached elastic loop, a patent pending design by our Foodie Mom founder.

– The attached loop makes our bag easy to open & close, even when wet or hot.

– It’s so handy and won’t get lost. – It’s super simple to adjust: Just wrap the loop once, twice or three times, like a hair band.

Add to Cart Now while supplies last. 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

From our Organic Family to yours. Happy Healthy Living!

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