Another nut milk bag?

Another nut milk bag?

another nut milk bag 1

A big nut milk bags makes it easy to make large batches. Enough for the whole family.

As a mom of two toddlers who is interested in all things natural and healthy living and as a foodie who makes weekly trips the the local farmers markets to get the best of fresh-off-the-farm goods, I know fresh ingredients and always want to make the best, healthy food for my family and friends.

So I decided to release this new product, something I made myself and found so useful. It is a new almond milk bag, an item which is already becoming much more popular these days.

Why? Because 7.5 million people in the US live a vegan lifestyle. Even more eat almond milk because it is low carb and lactose free. After all, 60% of people have some level lactose intolerance.

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I love the feel of an organic cotton bag over nylon versions. They last longer too.

This bag though is better than all the others I have found on the market. And it is made to do more than just strain almond milk. It can also stand up to high, long boils. It can double as a tool to make coffee, hot or cold. It also can be used in beer making to boil the grains or used to make the miraculous but lesser known ‘Barley Water’ for baby formula. Or kombucha and even for sprouting.

Our O-So Better Almond Milk Bag was designed by me. A working mom who believes fresher is better and ‘locally sourced’, ‘grass fed’ and ‘organic’ are the watch words to a healthier lifestyle and living.

I made these myself for many years for members of my mommy groups, friends and family, every baby shower, and received great feedback. I saw the need for such an item out in the healthy living community.

The patient pending attached elastic loop really makes it better and more flexible for all the possible uses. It wraps around the opening to form a tight seal. It opens easily even when wet, unlike a tie or drawstring that tightens and becomes hard to unknot. The loop also doubles well as a handle or a hook to hang it from when sprouting and drying.

Most bags on the market are not organic or cotton as they typically make nut milk bags out of cheap nylon which is usually manufactured from crude oils and harmful chemicals.

They also are sewn all around which I admit gives them a cute egg shape but the seam is the stress point and that is where most bags fail. Cleaning out the corners is not really that much trouble.

Before I started making my own, only two or three other cotton options even existed. Of course, none had the loop which I came up with myself.

So, is this new design something that people can use? Will they find it to be an improvement? I sure hope so!

When I took my bag to a local cut and sew shop here in Austin, the owner was so kind in her response. I was so moved by her reaction. She said that she wanted to be part of trying to “change the world”. She spoke of the migration of the disposable lifestyle across the world.

Wow! I hope to make a difference for sure but for now if you make nut milk (or want to) and are looking for an organic, non-synthetic option, that is easier to use and lasts longer than what’s already out there, I hope you will check out this one. In fact, you can buy it here.

Happy Living!

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My kids are growing up as foodies themselves who love to help in the kitchen

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