Organic Family Products Counts Amazon Vine Voice Amongst Supporters

Top Reviewer Praises New Nut Milk Bag

5 Star Nut Milk Bag

Austin, Texas – New start up, Organic Family Products, received a five star review from one of Amazon’s top reviewers after offering their flagship product, a newly designed organic cotton nut milk bag, for honest evaluation.

“I couldn’t help but notice that an older product on the market had several reviews from Amazon Vine members. That seemed like the ultimate test for our product since these guys have already sized up the competition and could give us honest feedback on how we stack up.” said company Marketing Director, Stacy Sass.

Amazon Vine is a program offered by for manufactures to submit free products for testing and opinions from an invitation only group of trusted buyers and prolific reviewers.

Stacy explained, “Honestly, I couldn’t figure out how to get our little almond milk bag submitted for this program. I mean, we are just two sisters in Austin, Texas launching our first organic lifestyle product. So I reached out to one reviewer though their Amazon profile.”

The reviewer with the screen name “Amazon Customer” accepted the offer to test the product.

Company founder, Sheila Springer said, “Waiting to hear back was exciting and scary too but I am so proud of my design, I was confident it would stand up to the scrutiny of even the most experienced homemade nut milk enthusiast.”

Ultimately, the review that came in was five stars. “Amazon Customer” raved, “Overall, this is definitely the nicest almond milk bag I’ve had the opportunity of using.”

She praised both the organic cotton material used as well as the featured no seam bottom. “What I love about this one is that there is no seam on the bottom, so it is so much easier to clean out and rinse than some of the other models which usually have a thick seam which catches fragments of food.”

“I also really appreciate that this is made of organic cotton. I appreciate that I can feel safe using the bag with a variety of temperatures without concern,” she reported.

Amazon’s published best seller rankings show increasing sales volume of Organic Family Products‘ “O-So Better Nut Milk Bag” since the supportive comments and their product maintains a five star rating.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the consumer response and look forward to the opportunity to introduce more organic lifestyle customers to our brand,” said Sheila.

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